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Say Goodnight HeartBeat

Tonight I set it back a step. I tried to fight what it is that I have been doing; the whole shut out “I don’t care” thing. It backfired. I can live with that. Dealing with the heartless heart who feels it all, it’s tough. I took something sensitive and squeezed it dry apparently. Now, she doesn’t even hurt. Doesn’t feel a thing. But why do I?

I was never really good at the shut out thing. I’m too soft. Perhaps I need to learn to turn the valve completely off? But that would make me so uncharacteristically cold. I don’t like the cold. I’m tropical. So is my heart apparently. My cold streak is very short lived. Like testicles in cold water. That shit won’t be fly for that long.

So now here I am. Back to listening to music to zone me out. With this attempt, I think I will now focus my attention on turning everything off. It’s best to just let the damage be done and walk away from the blast without looking back. It affects too many individuals, and by too many I mean more than just me.

I aspire to make this the LAST, and I mean LAST post of this nature. I aim to make this the LAST, and I mean LAST attempt at looking back. Success is my enemy. But tonight, I think I’ll show that bitch a fight it’s never felt out of me before.

Other than that, everything is great. Another day at work with the home team (I love my team) and we had a pretty kick ass session running the floor today. Some lady came in with 10 years worth of film to be processed. 10 years! You know what that is? That’s 60 disposable cameras! 60 rolls of film that take fucking forever!!

In other news, military Snuggies have arrived in the store and I want to find a way to convince the toughest looking guys who come into the store to buy some. If I can get some buffed out of his mind dude to buy a Snuggie for himself, I will be convinced that I can run the world. I will quit my job, go to DC, holler at President Obama, tell him to take a break, and proceed to go out in a suit with a cigarette in my mouth kissing babies and signing shit. My first speech will be on how the economy is a mess because there is more emphasis on health care than cereal. I will be a success.

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