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Writers Block Not

Writers block. It’s when you can’t write because you have nothing to talk about. Right? Or is it because you have so much all over the place that you can’t decipher the trash in order to make sense of anything? If it is, or even if it isn’t, that’s where I am right now. I just finished watching Criminal Minds and now Without A Trace is on. I’ve been wanting to write all day long but I haven’t been able to write a damn thing!

It’s Thursday now, which means that it is officially Thanksgiving!! Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Anyway, this not being able to write thing is really building up anxiety and it’s running all through my body. I’m finding it hard to keep still. I just keep moving and moving and moving. I figured when in doubt, just write about not being able to write. Needless to say, its not fucking helping!!

So what am I to do now? I’m so frustrated with this I could probably just…just…spontaneously explode and let all of my confetti fly around the room. Maybe then I’ll feel better about this crap. Why am I even still writing? I wish I could get the wheels turning. Maybe I need something. Something to drink, something to eat. Or maybe I just need to get some sleep! Lets see what I come up with in the morning. Working from 9 to 5 on Thanksgiving = sexy [so not sexy!!!]. I feel like I need to go run around the block and get some stray pitbulls to chase me around. At least that will add some substantial spark to my night.

Peace little bugs.

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