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Welcome to my new blog! I’m Andrew. Here’s some crap you should maybe not really care about but I’m telling you anyway. I’ve been writing since I was 16 and it’s gone all over the board. I started off rapping to impress my friends. This was way back, you know, 2001, and my clothes were retardedly baggy! I probably looked like a mobile clothes hanger. I’m skinny. See…

That’s me currently. I’m 23, so you can only imagine my size at 16. Now throw on some clothes made for someone about 200 pounds and 6 foot 2, and you have me in high school. I am a DORK! I really cannot express this enough, or maybe I can, so you will probably see it shining in my writing. Me rapping, I was good, until I dissed the wrong person and almost got my ass beat. I’m a lover, not a fighter (although now I’m not so timid and my hands are heavy so, hi!). Moral of the story is, I’m not made for all that fight crap. So I thought, maybe rap isn’t for me. So I decided to write poetry instead. I never heard of Langston Hughes getting it popping in a hallway over a poem.

Anyway, since then, I’ve gone from paper to online. As I said in my original post, I have started many blogs, so this is a hobby of mine. Unfortunately, I get tired of things easily and change my life like I change my underwear, and so the blogs change too. I think I have learned a bit about why I constantly find a need to change. I won’t explain that because it will either put you to sleep or give me advise (I want neither).

I’m a forensic psychology major at a school I won’t name, because I have been stalked a tiny tiny tiny bit before, but if you can figure it out then fuck it. New York City is my home. I probably will never leave it. I have too much history here. I’m crazy, I’m a social butterfly, and I love to party! My drink of choice: Jack & Coke. The drink I will never ever drink again thanks to the experiment I ran with a friend, Mersi aka Merberry St. Cloud (I just decided that the St. Cloud should be there): White Russians. Seriously, I think that drink was our queue to get the fuck out of there.

Welcome to my life. It’s probably the most uninteresting thing since the invention of crackers, but it’s mine. Hope you enjoy my nonsense.


P.S. If you insult me I will find you, place you upon an elevated structure, and proceed to run and drop kick you off of it. Thank you.


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