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Lacking Inspiration

Lacking inspiration as a writer, stinks! This is something like day 3 of my dry spell. I end up thinking of these great ideas for blog posts but in the end, when I start writing, they materialize into nothing.

I’ve been stuck. I really like the people I work with, but I am not too fond of the money I am making. I’m used to making so much more and doing considerably less. Now, after the latest situation with my manager it just makes me realize that I really am not a person who can function in the white collar world (especially not at the bottom of the totem pole) and I’m not even in a white collar job. I hate politics, I hate “bosses”, I hate protocol and orders and working hard only to be shafted by the people who don’t work as hard but make love to assholes with some serious tongue. It hit me in the head today. Kissing ass is the way to get ahead and I’m way too prideful to kiss ass. I just cant do it! It’s not in me to do so. I feel defeated at the fact that I even acknowledge this. But then it leads me to thinking.

What if I look at this all wrong? What if I am just like the punk rock kid who dresses a certain way to say “Fuck the system”? I show off this display, stand on my ground, and show that I will never fall to “the man”. But who is the man? And exactly how am I affecting this motherfucker by standing here “on my own two”? I watched a movie in class one day, SLC Punk, awesome movie. One of the things that really hit me in this comedy gone…somewhere…was that the best way to fuck up the system is from within. So do I conform? Am I forced to conform?

Bobby Womack expressed that sometimes you’ve got to bring ass to get ass. Does that mean you have to kiss ass to get ass? I want ass!! Well, I want the power to control me. I don’t want to control anyone else. I want so bad to finally become an entrepreneur but I have no guidance and far too many ideas, all with no kind of backing. So what do I do now?

I do the only thing I can: I write. I write it out until there’s nothing left. But along this road I really hope I’m able to find some help, guidance, or simply get lucky along the way. I need this, I really do. I need to be able to feel again. I need to be able to have the sky be my platform, not my limit. I need to see beyond the ordinary but it’s so fucking difficult right now. I need a sign. I need new friends. New associations may lead to new avenues, but I’m so consumed with work and school that they own me. I have no time for myself. What do I do now? Huh? What now?


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  1. just be patient and work hard, don’t quit. With ambition you can do a lot of things.
    But I feel ya. I have always said that I want to be the one in power ! I don’t want to work under people, I want to work on top of them (?)

    • Thanks. Patience seems to be the thing I lack the most. Well, that and a free pass to Chipotle, but that is a sad situation all its own. I hope ambition will carry me through though. I have a new project I am working on that I am keeping under wraps until I find a way to make it take off but I continue to dream big and hope for the best. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Daniella. It’s very much appreciated!

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